Are decorative design elements going out of style?

A few days ago Netmagazine published Big question: are decorative design elements going out of style? where they ask a number of prominent digital designers their view on skeuomorphic design. The day before the Fast Company design blog had Will Apple’s Tacky Software-Design Philosophy Cause A Revolt? These two excellent pieces got me thinking about my views on what essentially amounts to mimicking the look of a real world objects in digital design elements.

While I get that the use of these visual metaphors creates an understanding of the use of an interface for the end user I do find an over dependence on this troubling. I – for example – have refused to use the default Notes app in iOS on my iPhone and iPad because of the fake legal pad look and the terrible typography. The Fast Company article notes that even at Apple there is growing discontent about the insistence on this design approach.

What are your thought about this?

Writer for iPad

This looks like the perfect writing app for the Ipad. Courtesy Information Architects .

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Google Dumps Microsoft Windows Company-Wide

Google bans the use of the Windows OS within the company. Now employees can choose between Mac OS (yes please!) or Linux. Read the whole story.

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Steve Jobs – Big Brother or just a perfectionist…

From the NY Times Opinionator Blog, an interesting piece that looks at whether the head od Apple is intent on Tech World domination or just creating the most elegant products. While current behavior points to the former, I still think it’s the latter.

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The next Apple TV revealed: cloud storage, iPhone OS and a $99 price tag

According to this piece it looks like Apple will be countering Googles recent Google TV announcement with a significant upgrade to it Apple TV “hobby”.

This could definitely get me and a lot of folks to take the plunge.

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